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Date & Number Stamps
Date & Number Stamps
Date & Number Stamps

Office Dater and Numbering Stamps have been in use since ancient times to mark the date and/or serial numbers as a symbol of certification and approval. They are widely use in daily business operations, especially for banks and industries. Other than monotonous office tasks, they can be used for a variety of fun crafts and useful hacks too.

​We offer different ranges of dater and numbering stamps:

  • Colop Printer Line Stamps - portable design for inspections and daily tasks (self inking)
  • Colop Office/Expert Line - heavy duty design for high volume repetitive stamping (self inking)
  • Colop Die Plate Dater - reliable quality and various sizes available (external ink pad)
  • i-Stamp Die Plate Dater - economical choice with locking feature (external ink pad)


dater and numbering stamps


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