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Adjustable Jumbo Backdrop with Printing
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Adjustable Jumbo Backdrop (Aluminium) with Printing

  • Print Size and Materials:
    • Option A: Solvent 720dpi on 280gsm Tarpaulin
    • Option B: ECO-Solvent 1440dpi HD on 380gsm Tarpaulin
    • Option C: ECO-Solvent 1440dpi HD on One Side Fabric
  • Base Material: Metal Feet / Aluminium Pole
  • Estimated Weight: 5.50KG
  • FREE Padded Bag Packaging

Adjustable Jumbo Backdrop is adjustable from 4'x4' to 8'x8', made of metal feet and lightweight aluminium alloy poles with simple twist for easy-setup. This backdrop is ideal for events such as wedding, birthday and graduation parties. Set-up takes only less than 10 minutes and it has great value for large graphic impact at a low price.