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Exclusive Pop Up Display (Curve) with Printing
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Exclusive Pop Up Display (Curve) with Printing

  • Print Size and Options: 
    • 3x3 Display: 230cm x 345cm
    • 3x4 Display: 230cm x 415cm
    • 3x3 Replacement: 230cm x 345cm (print + rigit only)
    • 3x4 Replacement: 230cm x 415cm (print + rigit only)
  • Printing: ECO Solvent 1440dpi
  • Material: White Sticker + Lamination
  • Packaging: ABS Hard Case
  • Estimated Weight: 25KG / set
  • FREE ABS Hard Casing & Spot Light Set

Pop Up Displays are large backdrops you can use for your trade shows and marketing events. They can be set up in minutes and look very impressive for your brand message. Best of all, they can be kept away for easy storage and reused many times for many events.